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We offer: T.L.C., Healthy Life Syle Examples, Personal Support, and more.


Caring Hands Maternity Home began as a dream in August of 1997. The rules and regulations were drafted from a variety of sources: MN State Regulations, County Guidelines, and Loving and Caring Inc. of Pennsylvania. Other sources were researched during the first half of 1998. By June 1998, Caring Hands started helping women and parents in crisis. In April of 1999, C.H. received the letter of not-for-profit IRS status.

The years 1998 - 2002 Caring Hands was in full operation. In 2003 Caring Hands began expanding its clientelle needs to helping single moms.

To date we helped 31 clients.

We are looking at expanding from just a maternity program to also a parenting program. The parenting program is going to start in Fergus Falls, MN. This project takes time and money. So we are asking for your generous tax-deductable contribution.

You can make a check out to CHMH and send it to:

Caring Hands Maternity Home 

115 Balmoral Avenue

 Henning, MN 56551.

Please make a notation if you want it to go to a specific project or general operation.

Our whole organization is a like minded family. We all work together for the same purpose and have fun. We have people from every denomination and non-denomination. We are not supported by a specific church or the government, because we want everyone to feel welcome to help. Your talent may be the one we need at this time. So please, if your heart is right, step forward and call to offer it!!

We all thank you for your support and prayers.

Caring Hands Maternity Home, Inc.

Sandra Volkmann, Founder/Program Manager

Fergus Falls, MN 56537

and in

115 Balmaral Ave

Henning , MN 56551

218-583-2083 Sandy
218-583-2871 Fax

218 -998- 7520 Office